Stuff the Boots Fall Fundraiser started last Monday. We are off to a great start! A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who have already donated! If you haven't had the chance to donate yet, you can still donate at www.sommerpta.my-pta.org or send in the green form your student brought home. You can also print a copy of the form off, if needed, at www.sommerpta.my-pta.org

Did you know your company may match your donation? Don't forget to take advantage of matching and send in the green forms or email your match to sommerfallfundraiser@gmail.com 

Your donation supports programs like Spelling Bee, Math Superstars, field trips, Passport to Sommer, library books, class parties, DreamBox, and many more programs. Check out the display just past the front office when you first enter Sommer to see many more programs 100% of your money supports. We appreciate you!"

Thank you for your generosity!



Hello Math Superstars Parents!

Math SuperStars officially starts today, Monday the 16th! Our first reward week will be on Oct 4th. Students need to have 60 minutes by then to earn the reward. One class from each grade with highest participation will earn the group reward!

If you have any questions regarding how to sign up, please contact our Math Superstars team at sommerptamss@gmail.com


Hi Sommer Parents!!!

I know everyone is quite busy, but if you have any time to spare, after drop off, during the day, or before release, our wonderful librarians, Mrs. Margocs and Ms. Melton, would appreciate any helping hands available to shelf the books the kids have returned.  They have the most books needing shelving on Wednesday but they will take help any day of the week!  


Before you go, please watch this training video that Mrs. Margocs created:  https://www.emaze.com/@ALOFZFZL/sommer-how-to-shelve-books



We’d love to create a healthy and active community for all!

Meet Thursdays, 9am at Champion Park for a walk along our beautiful neighborhood trail.  

Make new friends and develop a network of supportive Sommer parents while creating a newer, healthier version of yourself. 

Strollers welcome, but please keep your pets at home. (We don’t want to discourage anyone from joining.)


It’s a brand new year and we need your pictures for the yearbook!  Please use the Image Share app and the instructions attached to send us your pics. Don’t forget to include your child’s grade and what the picture is from ( Ex.  Meet the Teacher, 2nd grade).  Cant wait to see all those new pictures rolling in! 


Our first coffee cart of the year is Friday September 20.  If you would like to help provide a treat for the staff, please sign up below.  Thank you for all you do!



Volunteer a lot or volunteer a little...either way, we'd love to have you!

Already know what you're interested in?  Sign up here. 

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEDxEMhmA9Pjvq99r5abJlUZnB3N0ab1BXqOlBFTb9iBEHeQ/viewform Need to take a look at what's available? Click here.




If you joined PTA this year… a  HUGE thank you! Your membership dues help provide the best experiences and education possible for all our children. 

If you haven’t joined yet… please do! Click STORE here: http://sommerpta.my-pta.org… Just $9.50 to show your support. 

Be sure to keep in touch with us on Facebook & Instagram @patsysommerpta… Looking forward to a great year! 



Homeroom Parents should be sending out introductory emails soon if they haven't done so already. 


Thank you to everyone who ordered spiritwear. We will distribute all purchased spiritwear in October.