Hello Homeroom Parents,

Thank you all for your interest in facilitating a memorable and fun year of learning for your child's class! If you have received this email, you have been identified as a Homeroom Parent or co-Homeroom Parent for your child's class.


At this time, there are still several teachers in the process of identifying parent volunteers so they may not have selected a Homeroom Parent as of yet. Since we do, however, have many enthusiastic Homeroom Parents, such as yourself, who are eager to learn more, I am sending this email to get you started. Once I have received all the Homeroom Parent selections from our classroom teachers next week, I will send out a spreadsheet including contact information for all of our Homeroom Parents.

If you're not sure as to whether or not you have a co-Homeroom Parent for your class, please let me know. I can easily check so you two can begin working together.


An introduction template that you can share with your classroom parents, either by email or hard copy is attached to this email. Depending on your teacher, some teachers will share all the class email addresses with you immediately. Other teachers prefer to keep these more private. If this is the case, then you can always make copies of the letter and place them in the students' Thursday folders. When parents return the forms, they will include the best way for you to contact them.

Please keep in mind, if you choose to alter the letters (except for minor changes), you'll need to first send them to me for approval. Thank you for your understanding. We will discuss the letters at our Orientation Meeting on Monday, September 19th. Feel free to send the letters out to parents before our meeting. Please note, the letter does mention the teacher "Favorites", and you will all receive this information for your teacher at our meeting.


We will have a Homeroom Parent Orientation for all Homeroom Parents on Monday, September 19th, in the Science Lab at 10 am. I will email everyone a copy of the Homeroom Parent packet, prior to this meeting. We'll talk about the Homeroom Parent role, important dates for the year and answer any questions you may have. Please let me know if you CANNOT attend this meeting. We can arrange an alternate time to get together and go over everything.


This year we will again have Lead Room Parents for each grade level. The intent is for all Homeroom Parents from each grade level to work as a team. Working together, especially for planning parties, will make the process much easier for all Room Parents. It will also create consistency among the classes, and all students will have similar party experiences. Having a Lead Room Parent will make communication easier. The Lead can coordinate any party needs with teachers and the Lead can be in direct contact with PTA to clarify any questions, etc.

If you've been Room Parent in the past, please consider volunteering for the Lead of your grade level. Any experience you can share will be a huge benefit to those Room Parents that are new to the school, or new to the position. We want to make this experience as fun and easy as possible! There are already assigned leads for first and fourth grade, but please let me know if you would like to become the Lead for kindergarten, second, third or fifth.


At this point in time, the only action requested of you is:

* Please reply to this email so I can verify we have established email communication

* Check your calendar and let me know if you can make the meeting on Monday, September 19th at 10 am

* If you’d like to go ahead and send your intro letter, you may. Or, if you’d prefer to wait until you have the “Favorites” from your teacher, you can wait.

I look forward to meeting each of you and working with you throughout the year! Please email or call me if you have any questions between now and the meeting.


Angie Robinson

PTA Homeroom Parent Coordinator