Our MultiCultural Committee’s mission is to develop student understanding and appreciation of various racial and ethnic groups who are different from our own culture. We have over 30 different countries represented at our school. (Come check out the flags we have in our school cafeteria. With ~200 countries in the world, we could not hang every one.) Help us guide our children to be more open to ideas that are different from what they are used to and embrace the world that surrounds us. 

We have lots of different ways that you can help! We have our annual Fall event “Passport to Sommer” where we have family-led Cultural Booths represent all 7 continents (you can choose to sign up for a Cultural Booth, volunteer for an hour or two on the day of the event to help us run it, or help us with art work each week leading up to the event - no experience needed), we also have our bulletin board and a glass display case where we focus on one country a month (we need artifacts like clothes, books, toys, pottery, etc.) to have a year-long visual presence, and you could also send us a postcard from your travels abroad - our own KStar Student News team will share it with our students during the school year.

If you would like to join the MultiCultural Committee, please sign up when the PTA forms come out or email us at sommerPTAmcc@gmail.com.

Thank you to our sponsors!