Clothes Closet



(Donations can be dropped off in the Clothes Closet box located in the main hallway at the foot of the stairs.)



·         Appropriate for students in Grades Pre-K thru 12 only

·         Conforms to RRISD dress code

·         Free of stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.

·         Laundered and ready to hang.

Our student clients want to dress like their peers.  Please take this into consideration when selecting clothes to donate.

Not accepted:

Stained, worn out clothing

Infant & toddler clothing

Shoes, belts and accessories



Backpacks and lunch boxes

Previously worn socks and underwear

Local school spirit wear, logo shirts from places of employment, local sports leagues, church camps, etc.

NFL/NBA/COLLEGIATE apparel is okay.   


The RRISD Clothes Closet is a service project conducted by the Round Rock Council of PTA's which provides gently used clothing as well as new socks and underwear to RRISD students in need. Vouchers, good for one school year are issued by school nurses to families in need. A family's need may be an ongoing one or a temporary one. Families with children in multiple schools will require signed forms from the school nurse at each school their children attend. There are two Clothes Closet locations, one at Voigt Elementary and a second one at Anderson Mill Elementary. Each Clothes Closet shift is staffed by a RRISD District Council PTA Rep, who serves as the shift leader and by volunteers from each local elementary, middle and high school PTA. The volunteers can be the school's Clothes Closet rep or any PTA volunteer or committee member designated by the Clothes Closet rep or the PTA. The key is to get great volunteers! 

Here are the specifics of our Patsy Sommer Clothes Closet Committee:

  • Ensure that the school sends volunteers to cover monthly assigned shifts at the Voigt Clothes Closet. Voigt Elementary is located at 1201 Cushing Dr., Round Rock.
  • Publicize the RRISD Clothes Closet, including the need for clothing donations, as well as communicating with the school nurse to ensure she distributes vouchers to any students, as necessary.
  • Coordinate new sock and/or underwear and/or clothing drives at our school.
  • Arrange delivery of clothing donations from our school to the RRISD Clothes Closet during hours of operation.